Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the type of treatment option in which the pulp tissue (found in the innermost chamber of the tooth) is removed and the root canal filling material is placed within. This is a kind of filling procedure which is carried out in case of an infected pulp that will not heal or recover due to permanent damage.

Our teeth may appear like single square bits of white solid material. Truly, our teeth have different layers. The first layer from the outside is enamel which is also known as the toughest part of our body. Inner to enamel is dentin that fortifies our teeth.

The core of the tooth is basically an empty chamber that houses the pulp tissue. Pulp is responsible to keep the tooth alive as it is a complex formed by tiny blood vessels and nerve fibres.

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Why do I need Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is the most recommended choice of treatment when the pulp gets contaminated and infected to an extent that it cannot be repaired with a simple filling.

Root Canal Treatment Cost

Root canal cost varies from tooth to tooth depending on several factors.

The cost of root canal treatment starts from $950.00.

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