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Are You In A Dental Emergency?

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Dental emergencies are usually unfortunate and may occur unexpectedly. Irrespective of the pain levels one may experience during these times, the damage to the gums and teeth may become severe if these problems are not addressed properly.

If you are not aware of the signs of a dental emergency, here are the various categories of dental emergencies:

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Broken Tooth

Teeth may be very strong but this does not mean they are not susceptible to cracks and breaks. Teeth breakage is caused by a number of factors such as trauma, extreme dental decay or biting hard foods. Not all cracks are painful some are even painless, however if the crack elongates down to the root of the teeth, the pain levels can be abundant. Broken teeth are not only painful but the jagged edges may shred your lips and cheeks.

When having a cracked or broken tooth it is necessary to book an appointment with an emergency dentist as fast as possible, so as to reduce the pain levels and also avoid long term damage.

Tooth Infection

An abscessed tooth can be defined as a tooth infection between the tooth and the gum. Severe tooth decay and trauma are the major causes of tooth infection. It may have severe effects such as difficulty in swallowing food, difficulties when opening the mouth and also may result in swelling. Patients usually experience extreme discomfort and at times sores may develop on the gum line. Root canal treatment is necessary in order to alleviate the pain and prevent further spread of infection. If you are experiencing extreme pain its essential to visit Smiles on Chapel’s Emergency dentist immediately.


A toothache is one of the various kinds of dental emergencies. The pain may be caused by a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons contributing to this problem include infected gums, tooth decay, as well as a cracked and broken teeth. If these conditions are not treated on time,bacteria may spread further into your bloodstream and this may result in sickness and can also lead to extreme health complications. A severe toothache should be taken seriously, particularly when it’s constant. Smiles on Chapel’s emergency dentist can help you to identify the main cause of the problem and help you to alleviate the pain.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is one of the most painful dental emergencies. A tooth may get chipped due to a number of reasons ranging from developing cavities reducing the strength of the tooth when it comes to biting or grinding over time weakening the tooth structure. When experiencing this problem, contact Smiles on Chapel, Bankstown’s emergency dentist, as a soon possible. Failure to receive proper treatment may result in tooth decay or various infections.

Knocked Out Tooth

This is ultimately a dental emergency. It is a serious dental emergency, but the damage does not necessarily need to be permanent. When a tooth is knocked out, there is a likelihood of blood vessels and tissues getting damaged. If the tooth is placed back into its socket in less than an hour, there is a big possibility that the tissues will grow back and offer the necessary support the tooth requires. You can contact us at Smiles on Chapel Bankstown if the problem prolongs.

Broken Filling

Broken fillings can be caused by biting too hard on foods or substances or sometimes accidents. Fillings are meant to protect the teeth from the forces attributed to chewing. In the case of breakage of a filling, it may expose your tooth to all sorts of bacteria. This may result in tooth decay, infections, and additional sensitivity and requires to be treated using the shortest time possible.


Bleeding may occur due to a variety of reasons. The most common type of bleeding is usually gum bleeding which occurs at the gum line especially when brushing or flossing. Minor bleeding when brushing is a clear indication that the bacteria present is high. If the bleeding is constant it is important to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Dental emergencies are usually painful and make one uncomfortable. Dental emergencies can hinder one from doing a number of activities like eating comfortably, sleeping and even participating in day to day activities. Immediate treatment is the best way to handle these problems and that why it is essential to contact Smiles on Chapel, Bankstown’s emergency dentist, when the problems become arises.

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